June 28, 2012

moving timeline

We finally have something of a moving timeline, though I should know for sure after some confirmations I'm promised tomorrow. There is so much to do between now and Seattle.

Friday (6/29):
- Mizmo goes to the vet
- last day of work at W|A
- coworker goodbye lunch
- haircut
- phone call with rental assistance coordinator
- goodbye beers with coworkers

- finish sorting stuff, taking care of donations/garbage/recycling
- pack the suitcases we will live out of for weeks
- categorize stuff in the house
- possible parent visit
- Dustin's family picks up bookshelf and bike
- possible last pub trivia gathering
- finish moving my things off of my work computer

- get my car's paint damage fixed
- movers show up to do pack and load
- drop off work computer and key
- move to Schwenk's temporarily
- prep our cars for pickup

- our cars get picked up

- 4th of July party at the Schwenk's

- finish house cleanup
- sort remaining donations and other stuff

- fly to Seattle with Mizmo at 9am
- pick up keys for our temporary corporate housing
- move in to temp housing


We are officially in Seattle.

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