June 30, 2012

Saturday night

St. Bernadus ABT 12

moving chaos

We spent the day sorting and arranging and moving out more things. Packing was confirmed for Monday morning. Dustin is drinking the fancy beers he's been saving as we're officially out of time and they can't be moved. Our dining room is the main staging area and it's pretty chaotic -- every book we own is currently stacked there.

June 28, 2012

moving timeline

We finally have something of a moving timeline, though I should know for sure after some confirmations I'm promised tomorrow. There is so much to do between now and Seattle.

Friday (6/29):
- Mizmo goes to the vet
- last day of work at W|A
- coworker goodbye lunch
- haircut
- phone call with rental assistance coordinator
- goodbye beers with coworkers

- finish sorting stuff, taking care of donations/garbage/recycling
- pack the suitcases we will live out of for weeks
- categorize stuff in the house
- possible parent visit
- Dustin's family picks up bookshelf and bike
- possible last pub trivia gathering
- finish moving my things off of my work computer

- get my car's paint damage fixed
- movers show up to do pack and load
- drop off work computer and key
- move to Schwenk's temporarily
- prep our cars for pickup

- our cars get picked up

- 4th of July party at the Schwenk's

- finish house cleanup
- sort remaining donations and other stuff

- fly to Seattle with Mizmo at 9am
- pick up keys for our temporary corporate housing
- move in to temp housing


We are officially in Seattle.

June 27, 2012




Mizmo. He is a very sweet cat. He has no idea how much we're about to rock his world. I feel really guilty but there is no other way. Sorry Miz!

June 26, 2012

Meadowbrook Park

ducks at Meadowbrook Park


Taking a long walk every day through Meadowbrook Park, a place we will miss when we leave. (We won't miss the 100 degree temperatures coming up later this week though.)

June 25, 2012

winding down and ramping up



Visiting favorite places and giving things away. I have an orange cat with a delicate constitution that needs to visit the vet, get some vaccinations, and then survive a cross-country flight. I get to talk to my relocation coordinator tomorrow finally so I'll know more soon -- trying to get enough decent sleep between now and then. Enjoying the Olympus E-M5 a lot in the meantime though!

June 24, 2012

Olympus OM-D E-M5 ยต4/3 camera

Olympus OM-D E-M5

News on the photography front: I bought this camera this week, and it is fantastic. The fastest autofocus I've ever encountered, high quality photos, tilt-able touch screen, small size, and overall just really fun to use. I'm looking forward to using it to document our move and our experiences in Seattle. It's an extra-appropriate Seattle camera because it's weatherproofed, meaning I can use this in a rain shower without fear.

Fesbit, the Macbook Air


Here's a revelation: I've never actually owned my own Mac computer. I became a Mac convert while working at Wolfram|Alpha and they graciously supplied me with a series of awesome Macbook Pros, so I couldn't really justify buying even more hardware when those (plus my iPad) provided me with everything I needed. My departure from W|A means utter Mac-less-ness however, so my first order of business was to acquire a new 13" Macbook Air. I named it Fesbit and I love it dearly already.

more bookhou

bookhou :: rain and waxed canvas tote

I am a huge bookhou fan. Please see my past bookhou blogging here -- I have multiple pouches and one sling bag by the super talented Arounna.

Bags are one of my weaknesses. I have... a lot of them. I'm especially a sucker for tote bags but all styles are great. The combination of design/art/function all into one super useful everyday object is really interesting to me. The industrial designer in me can't get enough.

My most recent bookhou acquisition is the zip tote in the rain print with a waxed canvas bottom. It's the perfect size, and Arounna even customized it for me by putting the leather straps on the exterior with double rivets (thank you Arounna!). I have been taking it everywhere.

new blog, new chapter

I'm in the middle of a big transition, and I wanted a new blog with a new name to record this new stage in my life. We are moving to Seattle in less than two weeks (if everything goes as planned). I'm leaving my cool job at Wolfram|Alpha because I was recently hired by Amazon (!). I will be working for them right in downtown Seattle. It still feels surreal. I decided to start this blog to chronicle the move and our new adventures in Seattle. I used to blog at the science factory for those that want to look in on past goings-on.