July 8, 2012

a day spent mostly in Ballard


Ballard botanical gardens

Ballard Locks

Ballard Locks

The Nobile Fir

Blackbird shop on Ballard Ave

Today we found a place we absolutely loved and applied to rent it; I hope it works out, more news on that once we know more. But it's really something.

We spent the rest of the day visiting the flagship REI store and eating at a great German restaurant in (I think) Belltown, and then heading up to Ballard. We visited the Ballard Locks and the botanical gardens nearby, and then found the coolest stretch of shops and businesses ever on Ballard Avenue. We ate there at The Noble Fir and then walked up the street for a while window shopping. We wandered into a men's local clothing and vintage shop called Blackbird that was still open and talked to the cool shopkeeper there for a bit -- I left with a kick-ass locally made tote bag by Filson (waxed canvas with leather handles) that I'll have to post about later.

I'm going to bed - first day of Amazon tomorrow...

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