August 11, 2012

moving in

moving in

This has been a very hectic week. Our things were finally delivered on Wednesday after even more delays -- many pieces of furniture arrived filthy somewhat damaged, and one whole box was stolen. The stolen box contained our PS3 and Mac Mini (and possibly other things we haven't realized are gone yet), hence my assumption it was stolen. I really hope the van line reimburses us for those things. It honestly didn't occur to me that any of our stuff was at risk of theft. The whole concept of a move is that we give them basically all of our stuff and they take it from point A to point B -- all of it. Turns out they also freely steal from people. I guess that was naive of us to pack two expensive things in one box... I suppose lesson learned.

We are finally in our new place, however, and most of our small items came through really well. We've been working all day on unpacking and arranging and have made awesome progress. More pictures when we get done!

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