February 2, 2014


Two months since my last post! A lot has happened; I have a backlog of photos to catch up with including John's visit to Seattle, our Christmas trip back to Illinois, and various other adventures. Expect some catch-up posts on these soon.

For today however, here is my first proper non-iPhone pictures of our new cat Margot (like the Tenenbaum)! She's been with us about 2.5 weeks now. She is a purebred Turkish Van, which is a naturally occurring breed from Turkey that is still fairly rare in the US. A great local breeder/rescuer that we know happened to have her available, and her personality seemed a good potential match for Rowen. We've been interested in the breed since we learned about them (they're very smart, people-oriented, often water-loving, and dog-like, a lot like Rowen!) and so far so good. Margot purrs like crazy and is confident enough to play and explore the house without much coaxing. She is 10 months old, about 2 months older than Rowen, but a lot bigger.

She and Rowen are still living separately and only briefly meeting. Rowen seems a little aggressive unfortunately, so we need to keep the introduction phase slow to make sure they have a good chance of a friendly relationship. The whole intention behind a second cat was to provide Rowen companionship and stimulation, so she had better come around!

In the meantime, here is Margot in all of her colorful glory. The full set of pictures is on Flickr here.

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