July 7, 2012

first night in Seattle

dessert boats


Seattle at night

We went out with Seattle friends last night to celebrate our first night in a new city and Dustin's birthday-eve. We have had several missed-turn/missed-exit driving adventures so far in the black Prius we rented but ultimately made it everywhere we needed to be without doing anything illegal.

Mizmo has recovered extremely well, I am proud of his resilience. He was quietly stressed out the entire time yesterday but didn't complain too much. He spent a total of nearly 8 hours in a cat carrier. His journey (and ours) yesterday consisted of SUV -> plane -> terminal -> plane -> bus -> rental car, so now we just need to add a boat and train of some sort to round out his lifetime transportation totals.

Today we look at a possible rental and otherwise celebrate Dustin's birthday.


  1. Welcome to the PNW - you're going to love making it your home! And Happy Birthday to Dustin!

  2. Great pictures! Good luck rental hunting and Happy Bday to Dustin!

  3. Thanks so much to both of you, and from Dustin too!
    Lisa - we are so thrilled with this, everything we've run into so far here is really cool. I am so excited about getting established here.