July 7, 2012

today so far

Dexter Lake Union view
The view from our temporary apartment -- this is Lake Union. We frequently hear the buzz of sea planes, we think, though we haven't seen one land or take off here yet. I have seen one land in the sound.

The Fat Hen
This was a fantastic little breakfast place specializing in baked egg dishes (I got "The Popeye" -- two eggs, spinach, and smoked mozzarella, posted on Instagram).

The Fat Hen
They also had insanely good coffee.

the squid house in Ballard
I stopped in the middle of the street to get this picture, for obvious reasons.

We're taking a break from a morning of rental scouting and Trader Joe's supply-ing so I thought I would post some shots from our day in Ballard. More later as we're headed to the flagship REI store and an awesome bistro/pub place called The Crow for Dustin's birthday dinner.

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